The CodeStock conference is coming up soon on June 15th in downtown Knoxville. As such I have upgraded the CodeStock 2011 Windows Phone app for this year’s conference and am pleased to announce it has been published to the marketplace.

Changes Over Last Year’s Version

I have not had much time this year to enhance the application but below are highlights of what changed for the 2012 version. For more details see the commit history.

  • Mango upgrade – OS target upgrade from 7.0 to 7.1 and many fixes to address breaking changes
  • Map view – new map view with various points of interest and directions. Points of interest are externally configured so if you have suggestions, let me know.
  • Branding – logo, title, date, image and theme related changes
  • Source control and hosting – switch from HG and bitbucket to git and github
  • New app, not an upgrade – Due to various factors this year’s version was submitted as a new app and last year’s was hidden. If by chance you have last year’s version installed, uninstall it first.

Potential Future Changes

There is a chance I might make additional updates before the conference and might consider pull requests if you are so inclined. Feel free to add an issue for any bugs or feature requests.

Some changes I’d like to see in the future:

  • Live tile – maybe showing next session via schedule and/or favorite
  • Better twitter integration – i.e. more of a native twitter client instead of mobile twitter links.
  • More graceful public WiFi handling – better error message when an HTML response (from a WiFi logon page) was received instead of expected JSON. (change pending Marketplace approval in v2.2)

On another Windows Phone project I started refactoring the Phone.Common assembly out into multiple NuGet packages that are a bit more generic. I have not had the time to finish that or incorporate it into the CodeStock app yet.

Overview Video

The below video gives an overview of most of the features minus a few miscellaneous ones.

This page can also be accessed via /codestock-wp7.